Preview ÖFK – Sirius

So with the decisive game of Superettan just two days away I thought I’d make a detailed match preview. If ÖFK avoids a loss, the top two spots, leading to advancement seems to be more or less totally secured. So how large are the chances of Sirius making an upset on Saturday? Well, the easy answer would be to ask my predictive model, which I will describe more in coming blog posts. That model gives Sirius a 17.5% chance of winning. Why? Let’s look att the key numbers behind that calculation.
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The Seon-Min Moon transfer

So, with yesterdays success with my ExpG model I thought I’d give it a go with commenting/analysing the players involved in yesterdays transfer. I thought it would be extra interesting for me since it is the two Swedish teams I watch the most, almost every game that is, including all ÖFK games at home live.

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