Some thoughts on Machine Learning and Football Analytics

So, not many blog posts here recently. Basically that just has been an effect of me having too much to do at my day time job. The good news however is that I will be able to do some analytics the coming weeks at work. My cooperation with, now promoted to Allsvenskan, ÖFK has grown and I’ve managed to convince my employer to start looking at a bigger project. This will include experts in design and UI/UX, to visualize and analyze data and stats. It has a huge potential and I’m really excited. I hope there will be more to come from this on the blog the coming months! Continue reading Some thoughts on Machine Learning and Football Analytics

Allsvenskan 2015 Season Summary #1

I’ll divide this into two posts. I realized that the last post, summarizing Damallsvenskan became quite slow to load with all plots. So first, lets look at the players in Allsvenskan 2015 from an Expected Goals point of view!
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