The most efficient players in Allsvenskan

So, I thought I’d answer two questions in this blog post.

The first was a question from an article in Östersundsposten this week, asking who you think is the best player ever to have played in ÖFK.

The second was a question I got when I wrote about Lasse Vibe and his efficiency in terms of his ratio between expected goals and actual goals.

Now, the answer to the two questions turned out to be related and make one blog post.

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Lasse Vibe

I read this tweet, basically saying that Brentford are known for using statistical models when buying players. Updated: I now also read Tom Worvilles excellent series on Brentford here.
Brentford bought Lasse Vibe from IFK Göteborg today. So it made me curious, I just had to check Lasse Vibes ExpG/G for the two last seasons to see if this is a signing influenced or based on statistical models. Continue reading Lasse Vibe

The Seon-Min Moon transfer

So, with yesterdays success with my ExpG model I thought I’d give it a go with commenting/analysing the players involved in yesterdays transfer. I thought it would be extra interesting for me since it is the two Swedish teams I watch the most, almost every game that is, including all ÖFK games at home live.

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