I just wanted to post a brief update of what I have been working on lately. The Swedish leagues are soon starting and the work I’m doing together with ÖFK is making some real progress. So expect a lot more on the blog in the coming months!

Last week I wrote a blog post about my betting project that got really good reception. Since it has to do with betting and not football in the sense I want to do on this blog I chose to publish it on medium instead.

The post can be read here: https://medium.com/@olalidmarkeriksson/what-i-learned-about-big-data-and-machine-learning-from-trying-to-predict-football-matches-2f81d019bea0#.5w2pdwad7

Last, a few new projections on the leagues in Europe that are coming to an end.

Let’s say goodbye to Verona and congratulations to Barcelona!

Updated projections

Serie A projection at round 30
La Liga projection at round 30
**************ACCURACY: 0.363939899833 *****************
**************ACCURACY +-1: 0.695325542571 *****************
Bundesliga projection at round 27
**************ACCURACY: 0.377295492487 *****************
**************ACCURACY +-1: 0.709515859766 *****************

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Ola Lidmark Eriksson

Football analyst/programmer https://blog.stryktipsetisistastund.se/

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