3 more projections

While I was at it I made three more projections at more or less the half way mark of the seasons.

First Bundesliga:

Bundesliga projection at round 17No big upsets to await. Bayer Leverkusen seem to have the best possibility to reach the third place but that race is the most open one with at least 5 teams having a true possibility to do that.
Then Serie A:
Increasing vs Decreasing

Where we see a three team race for the title!

Last La Liga:

Increasing vs Decreasing
Barcelona is trailing here by one game so they actually are a bit ahead of Real if they win that game. The race for avoiding relegation here is wide open. At least 7 teams are directly involved and the only ones so far that statistically has secured a new contract are Villareal, Atletico, Barca and Real.

Published by

Ola Lidmark Eriksson

Football analyst/programmer https://blog.stryktipsetisistastund.se/

2 thoughts on “3 more projections”

    1. Hi and thanks!
      I have thought about that but haven’t looked into it but in theory I guess it would be possible. I can look into it and get back to you!
      But some of the bets I spontaneously can feel would be interesting regarding league positions is Villareal to finish top 4 as well as Fiorentina top 3 and Leicester top 3…


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