The Seon-Min Moon transfer

So, with yesterdays success with my ExpG model I thought I’d give it a go with commenting/analysing the players involved in yesterdays transfer. I thought it would be extra interesting for me since it is the two Swedish teams I watch the most, almost every game that is, including all ÖFK games at home live.

Seon-Min Moon has in my eyes been somewhat naive, missing out on lots of oppurtunities. Hovewer he has great speed and is a constant threat, creating space and a lot of offensive set pieces. This is why I got a bit surprised when I plotted his ExpGs for the last two seasons. Obviously he chooses to finish almost only when there is a true possibility to score!

Will he be a true replacement to Haris Radetinac? Well, my gut feeling says no. Haris is a more complete player with a wider range of skills. This seasons assist stats tells a lot about that. But when it comes to finishing, maybe Seon-Min Moon is somewhat smarter in choosing finishing positions. Well done scouting DIF! 🙂

And today marks Seon-Min Moons last game för ÖFK. Statistically, a goal today would normalize the ExpG…Why not?

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Ola Lidmark Eriksson

Football analyst/programmer

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